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Ellen Kula - Founder Kitchen Commando
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Becoming the Kitchen Commando is the culmination of a 20-year passionate journey of intensive nutritional study. Learning under several holistic health care practitioners, culinary experts, and nutritional theorists, I realized the missing link: an integrative, customized approach to nutrition is the ONLY way to optimize your health permanently.

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are all leading health epidemics in the US today; with all the available diets and pharmaceuticals on the market – ever wonder why these health concerns are on the rise? How many times do you start a “diet” only to eventually regain the lost weight? How many times, despite the best intentions, do you pick up a new diet book only to have it collect dust in your library? This is not your fault.

With all the pressures and demands of daily life, it’s nearly impossible to stick to a dogmatic, nutritional agenda dictated by an “expert”. You have your own tastes, priorities, and lifestyle – to integrate a customized, nutritional program is the only way to ensure a permanent change to optimize total health and well-being. Moreover, if you have a family, The Kitchen Commando can bring this customized, integrative approach to your whole family – ensuring that your children will thrive as they grow.