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Completing the Nutritional Needs Assessment is your first step toward health- supportive eating. You need to understand what your eating, grocery shopping and kitchen habits are first, and then you can make more informed choices going forward. Changes will be made to ensure that you and your family are eating wholesome, satisfying and delicious food.

You’ll learn to read labels and identify food and non-food ingredients to better understand the value and hierarchy of foods. Kitchen Commando will make certain your pantry and refrigerator are cleansed of the old habits, making room for nutritious food items that will become your pantry staples and mealtime favorites.

The grocery store will become an experience, not just a chore. You’ll enjoy a grocery store tour with the Kitchen Commando and learn to shop with confidence and control putting your grocery store dollar to nutritional use. You will be educated on how to shop for foods that are healthy, satisfying and tasty. It’s not about giving up foods, it’s about adding a new world of foods and eating options.

Natural Food Store Tour


Enjoy a unique experience and discover a new world of foods and tastes. You will be amazed at the variety of ingredients and foods that you can now introduce to your meals. This new gained knowledge, understanding and appreciation for REAL foods will assure more health-supportive choices and pleasurable eating

Pantry Makeover (3 hrs) $150

Group Grocery Tour (2 hrs) $50 each – 4 to 6 persons

Private Grocery Store Tour $75 per hour up to 2 hour



In-Home Cooking Demonstrations

Back home with a new pantry, you’ll develop kitchen skills with a four-hour culinary demonstration. Learn basic kitchen techniques and food preparations to bring new foods to your table, efficiently and with great cost-effectiveness. Making any type of change can be overwhelming, Kitchen Commando will teach you to make simple changes that are fun, easy, and permanent.

Fee: $400.00 for 4 hours

Group Cooking Classes

Get your friends and spouses together for a fun and educational lesson on how to maximize your health benefits through wholesome meals. It’s easier than you think and classes are available in the evenings or weekends.

Fee: Based on group size