kitchen commando

As a mother of three, I had two major challenges ensuring my family’s health; first, I was confused about healthy food choices and second, I didn’t know how to integrate these choices into our kosher lifestyle. Kitchen Commando provided the necessary education and then incorporated it into our daily routine. Now, grocery shopping takes half the time and I’m confident in the kitchen. My children actually prefer staying home for dinner!

Lisa Stern, active mother of 3


Ellen Kula combines a warm friendly attitude with a no nonsense approach to supporting and maintaining the most important room in your house. It is easy to take the guess work out of shopping with the Kitchen Commando.

Elizabeth Trattner, B.A., A.P., Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Nutritional consultant


I just let Ellen Kula, "The Kitchen Commando", do her thing - take over my kitchen and shopping. It was not only so much fun, but changed the way I prepare meals, cook and even my attitude about cooking, not drastically, but in subtle ways that have stuck with me. I read the expiration dates, shifted to more organic foods and can throw together healthier, colorful dinner in no time. My 93 year old Dad is washing his vegetables as Ellen suggested in water with a cap full of hydrogen peroxide! Great Experience.

Karen McCarthy, health conscious women


My doctor recommended necessary dietary restrictions due to a health issue. Kitchen Commando was able to introduce me to foods that I did not even know existed and tasted good. I would not have been able to make the dietary changes if I would not have gone shopping at Whole Foods with Kitchen Commando that day.

Nikki Markofsky, business owner, mother of 3

Whether you are an on-the-go single professional, busy family, or retired couple, Kitchen Commando’s 3 - Step Program will ensure your new healthy habits remain permanent. A year after my first appointment, food shopping and meals are still more efficient and there are far less trips to the doctor.

Dr. Cheryl Aber, active mother of 3